Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here There Be Parts

Today, 18.5 months since I first placed the order, I can say I am in receipt of all my parts from Fairmile. There was some late minute drama. "Chris" the little clipboard idiot at TDK terminal alsmost didn't allow me to walk away with my rightful property because I wasn't in possession of a yellow vest while loading my shipment. Sorry, I mean, shouldn't everyone have one of those? Then, the guy who brought the crate out to me said it wouldn't fit in the back of my friend Marc's pickup. It fit. Marc everyone will recall is the guy who went with me to get "Victoria" a year and a half ago on Vancouver Island (that's him in the photo). He also talked me out of pushing her off the ferry on the way home. I didn't open the crate. I'll do that on the weekend. The blue "thing" behind the crate is the van -- "pickled" since the beginning last September.

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Bugly said...

You will be a very happy chappie now mate! No holding back!