Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parts Denied, Duncan & Eryn, Engine

Today I went with my friend Marc to pick up my Fairmile parts. We found the terminal, and I remembered my customs documents which I got the day before. But when we got there we were denided the parts because they were not released by the local shipping company. So I called the local shipping company and they needed $400 for customs clearance, terminal and other fees. So here's the math of getting a 1.3 meter cubed package from the UK to Canada --- taxes and duty ($200), shipping and crate making ($800), other various fees ($400). Meanwhile, the total value of all the parts is about $1800 in parts. Oh well. I go and pick them up tomorrow.

Last night I went to take some measures of Duncan. Duncan now lives about 4 blocks from my house. I took Eryn with me. I don't think she made the connection that the jumble of parts under mommy and daddy's bed is the same thing she was sitting/standing on. Steve D, Duncan's owner, showed me the engine that was sold to hime with the J Van. Does anyone recognize it? It's a flathead, but the IM is on the right side, so it's not a J Van item.

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