Monday, August 16, 2010

Brake Pedal Done, Finally!

Above are two photos of my brake pedal and mount. My original mount has been missing from the van for 30 years or thereabouts and there's not likely a LHD replacement sitting about anywhere, so some design modifications were required. The mount was designed by me and cast by Thompson Foundry in nearby Surrey BC. They also did the hinges. I also designed the pivot piece and had it machined at Blair Machine, near my house. The result of this design change is that the grease nipple will be accessed from the inboard direction. Thus the risers I am having rebuilt will omit the little triangle section or "carve out". The end of this pedal will connect to a linkage that will attach to a brake booster located directly under the drivers seat. The shape of the engine cowl on LHD vehicles makes reaching the brake nearly impossible unless your right leg is conveniently broken. Because I have an automatic engine and I don't like the reversal of the brake and gas pedals, I have decided to used a Lokar gas pedal, and to mount it in a place adjascent to the brake.

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