Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Glass Shops

I asked Roly for a pattern of the rear glass so that I could get some made. I expected that he would send me a piece of paper. He did better than that though: he sent me a whole piece of glass. It was in a parcel left at my door when I came home one afternoon from work. It was cracked, but still a faithful specimen.

So I took it to a local glass shop. After two weeks of not hearing anything I visited the shop and found out that they had "just" finished the job. But guess what, they used glass that was 2mm too thick. They also didn't cut two pieces but one, and they wanted $80 for it. The guy said "Whoa, we'll cut you another one...." I said okay, but give me the original back for now. I took the original and then went to another shop down the street. It was 11AM. They phoned me an hour later, telling me that they had to drive it over to another shop so a guy could cut them, but that they would be ready that afternoon. They were. Cost: $60. Awesome.

Other than the glass, I am working on the front square Lucas 470 lamps at the moment. I am totally frustrated with the steering wheel. I keep kicking that down the road, but it's a big problem. I think I have a shop to do the metal work at last, and I'm schedule to move the van in the second week of next month.

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