Monday, August 23, 2010

Light Brite (Kinda) & Other Things

I finally finished the Lucas 470-2 side lights tonight. Thank god. In the end, I fitted a modern bulb fitting in the end of the housing. I removed the original bulb fitting which was pressed to the housing. Then I took the original rubber and put it over the new bulb fitting. The end product is something that looks pretty freekin' close to the original but that work better. I intend to wire the van so that this lamp is used as an indicator. I therefore put an amber bulb in there, but I bought extra white ones just in case.

In the last photo above is the left side of the engine cowl for Victoria. I took it over and compared it to Duncan today during lunch. Notice anything? My right-side engine cowl has been hinged using a piano hinge for easy engine access. Virtually the whole cowl has to be refabricated anyway, so is there any point in saving this in anyone's opinion? Convenience, as a "tip of the hat" to my little van's unique story. Something else?

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