Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Four Tires or Tyres Complete

I shopped for tires for my car today, plus tires for Victoria. I thought I might get a better deal doing it that way. Three shops quotes me more than $125 per tire. Then I went to the small shop near my house staffed by a owner-operator named Victor (see photo above).. Victor did all my tires for my Honda Civic for ~$390. The ones for the Victoria were a little more costly. In the end, I used Firestone 205/75R15 FR380 tires on my 15" wheels. These tires have about a 1" WW section, but I put on the inside. The overall diameter of the tires will be 27.1", which is pretty good. I like the look of the Firestone tire -- it looks like an old-time tire because: 1) the brand is legendary, and 2) there isn't all that crap embossed on the side wall that you expect with modern tires, less so if you're putting the inside side outboard. When I picked up the wheels, Victor reported that one of my wheels was bent slightly. We marked the tire appropriately, but it should not affect drivability. The Tire will wear quickly, but I'm not intending to put a lot of miles on the van. Yes, I brought the blanket to the shop. Victor used adhesive weights to balance the tires. You can see them in the second photo above. This will give the wheels a nice clean look IMO.

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