Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progress & Bacon

Last weekend I went to Vancouver Island to visit family. My fall allergies took hold on the way home, and I stopped off at a well-known landmark known for having goats on its grass roof. There I found some unique allergy medication with a familiar vehicle on it. Then, on the property adjacent to this store, there was a Morris Minor that Eryn enjoyed having her picture taken it. Looking closely at the wreck, I could see that the pedal was the same as the one I require for my pedal assembly. If anyone can tell me where I can source one I would appreciate it. I also managed to find some bacon flavored popcorn and mayonnaise.

My van was transported to a shop this week. Over the next few weeks it will have all the body work done. If I have any single regret about the project thus far, it is that I replied on Iain Mckenzie for panels -- ones that were really costly to get made and that, in the end, didn't have the standard of workmanship one would expect. One of the two reskinned rear doors I received from him has a piece of wood jammed in the cavity to keep the outer contour. My radiator support was built for a RHD instead of a LHD vehicle. The rear cross member is 10 degrees out of square. How do you screw that up? The rear gutter piece was seemingly cut too short and a piece hastily added to make the dimensions correct. It's unusable. I think I'll buy him a ticket to visit me. That way I can push him down a flight of stairs when he gets here.


Bugly said...

I completely understand and sympathise with your situation regarding the panels. At this stage I cannot comment further, as I am still waiting for the supply of MY panel order. Last week I sent Iain a registered letter to find out the status. I can only assume that the panels will ultimately arrive, after being manufactured to at least a Morris factory quality standard.

JB vanman said...

Wow, I am really sorry to read about the panels. You get excited about these things and it upsets your faith in other people when you are let down.