Sunday, October 24, 2010

Floor Frame Done

Okay, this past week I finally completed the floor frame. As J Van guys know, it is a critical piece that is foundational to doing the rest of the bodywork. Like everything else with the project, it had a lot of drama. My powder coater is a diabetic alcoholic who split his foot open. He has no staff. So after waiting a few weeks for him to mend, I decided to go elsewhere. Too bad...I like my guy. Of course the new shop screwed up the job and I had to ask that it be done again. Then remember that I cannot move this around myself because I own a sedan. So I enlist the support of my dad and his van. In the end, it came out looking good. The only original parts are the metal pieces that support the floor near the pocket door covers and the front cross member. The remainder is new, and instead of using captive nuts, I used rivet nuts. The rivet nuts are just a genius piece of engineering.
These pieces will be taken by my dad next week to Aaron Wilson at Eye Kandy Kustoms who is doing the bodywork. He's had the van for about a month now and I haven't seen it since, though I have noticed that my cheque to him cleared. About six weeks ago I started a new job and it has demanded my undivided attention. That said, I think I have maintained good momentum. This week I expect to get the last hinge I need from the foundry. I also expect to pick up the risers that mount to the frame and that support the front floor from Austin Sheet Metal. I've been waiting on those for about 5 months. Long story. But I also expect that I'll get my parcel tray too. In addition, I managed to send off that 12 feet of extruded rubber to Ken White in the UK for the front of his side doors.

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