Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kitchen Clutter

My wife comes home from work and this is the pile I leave in the kitchen.

I went out to see the van at Aaron's shop this weekend. I haven't posted any pictures because the changes weren't dramatic. I have to take my engine out to him next weekend, so I think I'll have some photos then. Overall, I think I'm going to limit my weekends going out and measuring progress. The experience is much like when my first daughter was born nearly three years ago. On the day of the birth, I often felt like asking the nurse and midwife "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" and, of course, I never did that, because you didn't want to offend anyone. At the same time you're passionate about the outcome and completely powerless to participate. So instead you just have this lump of lead in your gut that you carry around.

This weekend I noticed that the rear cross member and cargo floor are not level. On the way home I thought about why that might be, can I cannot figure it out, except that the rear cross member made by Fairmile is not properly dimensioned or the frame is sunk low by equal measures on both rails at the rear. I don't know.

Above are some parts I had done this week. The triangle pieces are the engine mounts. One will mount to the frame and another to the subframe and both will support the engine. The rubber mount here is called a bisuit mount, and I bought it from a shop in Texas. It will provide the maximum flexibility in terms of adjusting the engine height one I have the engine ccowl made. The other piece in the above photo is the bracket that mounts to the frame to support the step floor. Of the two originals, one was completely rotten. The other one was partially rotten. I'm going to save the partially rotten one.

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