Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011! Reflections on 2010.

At the moment I write this I know that readers in Australia will be waking up with a hangover, and those in the UK will be closing in on midnight. Of course, being on the West Coast of North America means that you’re at the tail end.

This morning I drove out to see the van one last time before year’s end. On the way I caught the site of a local mountain range covered with snow, so I pulled over an took a photo. I then continued to Aaron’s shop, where he and The Dude were working.

Four months ago the van was under a tarp in a rain-soaked field. It had been there for a year. I remember fretting about metal deterioration, but all the metal was cut away in the end anyway. Both side panels are going to be replaced below the swage line.

The Dude is fitting the flanges to the inner rear wings, and then the panels can be fitted. The rear quarter panel pieces (the anterior pieces), one of the two-pair Iain sent me, seem to be okay (see photo). I’m concerned that the way they join the rear cross member might be off, but we’ll see. The new radiator support looks great.

I still have the engine to be done, but 2011 will be the last year of this project. Yay!

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