Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shaping Up in 2011

The New Year is when many aim to improve the shape of their body and, while I should take the lead in this regard, I have instead focused on Victoria's condition. In the period since just before Christmas, The Dude (see earlier post), has finished the rear corners and they look really good. In the photo of the right corner you will see a before and after inset image. The transformation is amazing. In another photo above you will see a pile of molten metal, and that metal is lead that comes from an early collision repair on the left corner. I saw it earlier today when I went to drop off the recently completed cargo floor. The floor was completed by Austin Metal and, as usual, they did an awesome job. While at Aaron's shop, I additionally took the time to fit the metals sections of the forward bulkhead. They also look awesome.


Bugly said...

Charlie, was there any particular reason for the rear corners being fabricated in three pieces? Was this to do with obtaining the right shape, (curve front to rear and top to bottom) or just the way it was because it was easier? Reason I'm asking is that I will need to do Bugly's rear corners, along with the lower 300mm or so of the side panel sections.

flamebroiled said...

The Panel was repaired with 2 pieces, because the repair area was larger than the patch panel that was provided.
We were unaware of how far the damage was until we took the old led out of the panel.

Bugly said...

Thanks flamebroiled, that answers it nicely! I presume you are either Aaron or the Dude!

You guys are doing a tremendous job ... well done. You are setting new standards for J-van restorations!