Friday, January 14, 2011

Shiny Metal Pieces

This week I was horribly ill. You know there's something wrong when you hack up green chunks. I'm still sick and think that I should stay close to the house this weekend and take care of myself. Thus I won't be heading out to look at the van. Yay football!

That said, I realized some time ago that the original Lucas 700 series lamp buckets were too rusty to be used. The bucket part was good, but the base part was rusted through and it would take a lot of effort to replace. So I bought replacement ones from Holdens. Now I've bought a lot of replacement parts for the van, but these replacement lamps or absolutely perfect copies of the originals. I mean, the weld marks and everything are identical. The rim will be chrome but the buckets will be painted black.

Also, I received four very nice replacement hubcaps some time ago. They came packed in four bags from "Cabin Cuisine", a company that does catering for airlines and other businesses. I'd like to thank them for the packing material, and I'll be sure to buy a sandwich from them next time I'm in London. See their logo? It looks like a knife, a fork and a delicious scrotum.

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