Friday, January 21, 2011

Clean Metal Smoothie

After work Friday I drove out to see the van for the first time in two weeks. Aaron and The Dude had been busy replacing the side panels over the last 6 days. The two panels I received from Fairmile were deemed by Aaron as unsatisfactory for the purpose, and consequently they remain unused. Thus I was not disappointed by the progress made in the interval between visits. Aaron and The Dude made new panels, and this simply took a lot of time. They had to make jigs out of wood to bend the medal around and shape the parts using the English wheel. I have photos of how they did it but I have not posted them here (I'll do another post later). Visiting the van, one cannot help but rub their hands up and down the surface -- a clean metal smoothie! Finally, Aaron told me that he tried to reply to Bugly's earlier comment without success owing to a technical error. If you want to communicate with him, please contact me and I'll send you his email address.


Bugly said...

Gidday Charlie (and Aaron) ...

Hey guys, Victoria's looking really good! Are you going to keep the windows in the back, or panel up the holes? I think right back at the start you were looking at removing the windows if I remember rightly!

Sounds like you didn't have too much success with many of the Fairmile panels ... how many did you use in the end? Guess at least it gave you an idea of the shape, but I guess too that Aaron and the Dude would have figured out that much fairly quickly anyway!

Keep those posts coming, I look forward to seeing them and commenting!

Charlie said...


Yes, the intent is still to close in the rear windows. There are a couple of ways to do it. If budget wasn't an issue, I would but-weld the whole thing, but because money is an issue, the easiest appraoch is to create a flanged insert and -- like a plug -- put it in place from the inside.