Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Nothings

Above are photos of Victoria's current location from the air. Also above is a drawing with the measures for the door track. Finally, below is a quote from fellow J Van dude (and the guy who lent me a couple of hinges to have the castings made) Kelly Ashton. I think that it is completely logical that my van was not shipped from the UK in paint, but rather painted once it got here and was sold.

To quote the sales brochure (Publication No. NEL.230) 10/52/27:

Right or left-hand drive. Van complete in priming. Van in K.D.
Chassis only (built-up) with or without front end assembly.
Chassis only (K.D.) with or without front end assembly.

Exterior paint finish in wither red, blue or green.
Chromium-plated bumper bars (full-width front, corner-type rear).
Extra seat.

So it looks like van were in primer unless you paid extra for paint.
K.D. stands for 'Knocked Down'. When imported cars and vans arrived in
Australia, they were always listed as PKD or CKD — completely knocked
down or partially knocked down.

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