Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cowl Howl

Okay, here's pieces of my van and pieces of Steve's van. Tomorrow they're going to Austin Metal and there they'll be used as a pattern from which to fabricate a completely new engine cowl, complete with the dome thingy, which I had made last year. On the left side you'll notice there's a piece missing -- or part of a piece missing. The front part is there. That's mine. Steve's same part is still on his van. It's a bitch to remove and I prefer to keep it there. Plus I'm uncertain about my engine and the carb I ultimately choose. If it doesn't all fit under the cowl, the piece in question might have to deviate from the normal shape and dimensions. So I'll just leave it out for now. On the right you can also see a piano hinge in place. That's not original. That's a piece from my van. It was done by a previous owner. Going back to the left side, there's a 1.5" hole for the starter. I ordered a replacement starter and test-fitted it tonight. Guess what? It fit perfectly. The fastening holes lined up and everything. This is the last piece of metalwork I need to have done.

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kjashton said...

Charlie, the van looks fantastic! There sure is a lot of work done to it; the work looks very professionally done.
Keep on keeping one!