Sunday, June 19, 2011

Irked, Smirked, and Kirked

I went out to Aaron's shop on Saturday. In the 10 days since my last visit (described below), three other projects at the paint and finishing stage have received his attention, so there's not much to report with the van. "The Dude" is no longer in the shop. I guess he was abducted by aliens or something (caution, foreshadowing). I have nevertheless posted a higher resolution photo above so everyone can see how it looks now.

I also went to Metal Supermarket where "Sam" (see smirking guy below) shears metal to the exact dimensions I require. This past week he cut and sold me about 6 pieces. When I went out to the van on Saturday I drilled holes in these pieces and that was about it. The real news this week was that on Wednesday my beloved Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in Game 7 and my fellow citizens took the loss poorly by rioting, burning cars and looting stores. I was so anxious about the happening that, instead of watching, I hiked to the top of a mountain near the city and sat on it. When the smoke rose from downtown, I knew the result and climbed down. On the following day, things got weirder. I came from work and found William Shatner in my front yard. Yeah, that William Shatner. My building is used as a stand in for the Santa Barbara (California) police station on the US TV program "Pysch". Well, Captain Kirk made a guest appearance this season and some of his scenes were filmed at my place.


Sam Belleau said...

Worst picture of me ever ;)

Charlie said...

Your hair was very good, sir. AND, you were in good company.