Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Details

Okay, I almost bought a Chevy choke to use as a dummy on my engine cowl this week, but earlier I went to a hardware store and, there, by accident, I found this black knob that's perfect for the cause. You can see it in the first photo above. In the same photo are the "flashes" that go over steel floor near the inner-fenders. Originally, they were screwed into place. For a variety of reasons, I'm going to have them glued with epoxy. However, to make things look correct, I have put screws in place. They'll be welded in place and cut off at the back. I've also settled on colours -- they're the ones included on the chips in the photo above. Of course those chips are from Martha Stewart. Finally, yesterday I bought a Lokar pedal. The original pedal configuration was clutch-gas-brake. That's a recipe for a disaster with me. Plus, I have an automatic transmission. The only thing left to be fabricated is the engine cowl. It's with Austin Metal and hopefully they'll have it done this week.

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