Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Update

Summer in Vancouver has sucked pretty bad this year. It's been overcast and raining for three months. Thus on the one day when the sun appeared, I took the family to the beach. In the background you can see Mount Baker, a heavily glaciated stratovolcano in Washington State. It's named after an officer from the Royal Navy who served with George Vancouver in the 18th Century.

A week earlier I went out to see Aaron at the shop and he seemed very tanned. "Did you go skiing or something?", I asked. "No I was welding without a mask," he replied. Technically I don't think that "tanning"; it's more like poaching. Enclosed are some photos I received from him of the work on the grille. I think they speak for themself.

See the image of the hand brake above? Notice how it's different from the one in the image I have below? The one below is formed like a clam shell. The one in the image above is a pipe with a metal flange. Totally different construction. Has that ever been explained? I am 100 percent sure the one from Steve's van is correct.

In other areas...I received an email from Harvey this week that the chrome trim for the grille will be coming shortly. I also received my Lokar products and other items from the UK. Readers here will remember that I had some rubber made for the leading edge of the door. I had a lot made. So I recently offered some to Grant Stavely (see "Rodney" on Roly's site). Well he has a "mate" who is passing through Vancouver on his way from Sturgis Bike Rally. So I'll cut off a few feet of that for a fellow owner is Australia. Finally, the engine cowl will be picked up this week from Austin.

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