Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fender Spender

With the grille completed, I knew that Aaron and company were starting on the fenders/wings. I was pleased because this, I thought, signaled the beginning of the end of metalwork. Nope. When I dismantled Victoria nearly three years ago I remember gingerly replacing the rear fenders into my car and transporting them home in a fashion reminiscent of taking my firth baby home front the hospital one year earlier. Well, this afternoon I stopped by the shop with a cheque and witnessed my "baby" fender the object of evisceration and amputation (see above). The first was necessary to make finder fir the body panel, and the latter repaired early collision damage. This and the replacement section (unfinished) can be seen above. The upshot is that I was expecting some quick visible progress and that's not going to happen. In addition to the rear fenders, there's still the front ones; the roof, the rear doors and the tracks for the doors, the side doors. Unexpectedly, Aaron announced that he wants to take the van in its raw state to a show next month. That might be interesting. We'll see.

I want opinions on the grille contour. Does it look correct? The rear fender (the one that isn't split open like a lemon wedge...the "blender fender"). Is it correctly positioned? I compared it to Steve's tonight and it's hard to tell (see photo above). Is there some way to measure it precisely?

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