Friday, August 19, 2011

Kelly and Jason

When I look at the van nowadays, I see a lot of new metal. Most of it was from Austin Metal, a shop near my house. They don't specialize in small jobs like mine, but the foreman Jason (right) liked my project and wanted to help. Kelly (left) was the talent. Sometimes the "patterns" I gave them were really crappy, but the product on the other side was alway perfect.

Two weeks ago I picked up the last pieces of the engine cowl from them and, with that, I expect that will end their particpation on the project. Thanks guys! In total, Austin made the engine cowl, alll the pieces for the forward bulkhead, all the peices for the floor, the two risers that support the forward floor area, the brake booster mount, the rear light brackets and the aft drip rail. In doing so, they can now add to their business cards that they are the most experienced J-Van part fabricators in North America!

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