Monday, August 15, 2011

Suspension of Disbelief

On the weekend I went to Aaron's shop and put the suspension together and put it on the van. Aaron wants to show it in a show this weekend, and I was happy to oblige. Besides, it was very satisfying to see the parts come together. I also learned some interesting things. The brake drums for a MGTD, for example, are basically the same as the J Van ones. However, with hole used for adjusting the brakes is different. Also, while the spline on the rear axle is the same pattern, the TD one is .015 smaller, meaning the drums I bought are no good to me. 

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Tinworm said...

You have got a very satisfying stage in the project, Charlie. I have been studying your blog with interest and I have to say it is a very fine job indeed! Congratulations!

A great blog.I have just found the bit in my blog where you asked for dimensions:

what a long way you have come since then!