Saturday, October 22, 2011

Four Cylinder Kama Sutra

Get it? Trying to get the right position?

Above there are 6 photos:

1. Side (taken today)
2. Front
3. Steve's van original in situ (no more Latin)
4. Top of someone else's with the conversion
5. Measure from door pillar to door pillar (taken today)
6. Measure of position from left frame rail (taken today)

I think the engine is pretty much in the correct location now. In #2 and #6 you can see its not going to go much farther to the right. It's about 11.5 inches to the center of the engine from the right frame rail now. I know from #3 that the cowl is about 3.5 inches to the rear from line between where the door pillars meet the wheel/fender arches. I know from #4 that the engine right now is about 3 inches forward of where it could be. When that's done, it'll make space for the fan (see #6). From #5 I can see the required height and lateral position -- the beginning of the valve cover is about 2 inches over to the right from the "corner" in the cowl.

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kjashton said...

It's looking so good, Charlie. Have you arrived at a colour scheme yet. I have a mate who is colourizing an old B&W pic of my first ever J Van. When he emails it to me, I'll forward it on to you.