Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and Frightening Fenders

Tonight it’s Halloween. Hours ago I took my daughters Emmy and Eryn out to knock on doors and receive candy. Emmy was ladybug and Eryn was a mermaid. Do they have Halloween in Australia? I know they don’t in the UK. In any event, yesterday we carved pumkins (see above) and they’re still burning outside. Also this weekend I went out and saw the van.

Early reader here will remember that in one of my first posts I explained my desire to undertake this project. There were many reasons, but one of them was that I was jealous of my sister (Christine) and her husband Peter. They had bought a boat that was built in North Vancouver and used by the RCMP (national police) to chase rum-running boats during Prohibition in the 1930s. They had spent a couple years restoring it, and they had substantially completed it at huge expense just before I understood this project. It was a lot of work, but the result was something of historical value that was really cool. Well shortly afterwards, I started this project. Then afterwards, Peter blew the engines on the boat and he threw in the towel. The boat never left the dock, and three weeks ago, he finally sold it to some guy in Texas.

Okay, fast-forward to this weekend. In the past weeks, the hole in the roof was welded up but not finished, similarly the grill was started, and the rear doors were started. When I went out there this past weekend, Aaron had begun replacing a piece of the right front wing, and was messing with making a whole new rear wing. “What type of fucking rum-running boat have I bought here?” I thought. It’s all your Christine and Peter. I mean, it’s not going to go in the god dam Smithsonian.

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