Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Pumped Up Kicks"

This morning I went out and took a look at the van. Every time I go to Aaron's shop, he got the radio on the same station, and invariably, the station he's selected plays, "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People. The day we put the suspension on they played it twice in a span of two hours. It's become the project theme song and that's too bad because it's a melody that's well adapted to use as a psychological weapon on Al-Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. But this morning I did not hear it! The engine took a lot of effort to get in the right position, and once it was, the motor mounts were made that compliment the other, biscuit-type mounts I bought earlier. I'm happy with the result, even if it ended up be costlier than a drunken evening at a roulette table. Also completed is the crossmember that supports the transmission. If you look closely you can see that henceforth the engine if it ever has to be removed will be removed through the bottom. The crossmember has bolt points that allow it to be dismantled. The bracket that supports the brake booster is not connected to the crossmember. Finally, my youngest daughter Emmy turned two, and she's never seen the van, so I took her out and had her picture taken with it.

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