Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Doors, and More

Here's the rear wings. If anyone needs any replacement J van parts, I know a guy in Canada that does them all. He's pricier than the other UK guy, but the quality is first-class and you don't have to inch two-years towards the grave before you get them. Above Aaron used structural tape to create a pliable mold, which was then traced to sheet metal.

Here the crossmembers are havig their original holes welded up.

The bottom of the side doors looked pretty good, I thought. But it seems they needed work after all.

Steve's bracket left, mine (the replacement) right. There are three small differences. What are they?

The rear doors have been wholly redone. What a regrettable waste of money. Oh well. Seen above is the lock I'm using because I do not have the original type. I got it from Mills Supply. I am missing the location of where the centre of the handle pivot goes. It's close right now based on photos I've seen on the Internet.

Despite all the foregoing, I sometimes feel that I'm making backwards progress. Last Friday I took a vacation day and went to work on the van with Aaron, and stunningly accomplished very little. We drilled the holes above the front windows for the interior light (but we didn't drill all of them owing to the lack of a suitable drill bit); fastened the latch for the cowl, drilled holes for the license plate light (but in the wrong location -- it needs to be fixed and redone, my error); drilled holes for the ignition (successful); determined the location of the flange that support the fuel tube cover (but didn't weld it in place); attempted to remove the side door striker plate (unsuccessfully); removed the floor (but didn't grind the flanges down so they were equal; cut some trim pieces (finished them today); located the holes for the front floor in the wood (but didn't drill them); tried to located the handbrake location (uncompleted). In short, I don't think I contribute much, but I miss the hands on stuff.

Here's what else remains to be done:
  • Doors, lock, and hinges need to installed.
  • Front floor bracket needs to be installed.
  • Wheel wells and anterior flashing pieces.
  • Tweaking on the engine cowl.
  • Gas filling pipe cover installed.
  • Pop rivets in rear roof structure.
  • The park brake bracket.
  • Battery tray original holes filled.
  • Rear door gutter adjustments.
  • Holes in the grille price for trim.
  • Hole sin frame for brake pedal mount.
  • Front and rear fender repairs.
Finally, my beautiful metal floor. When it's all fastened together and bolted it will have structure, but it wasn't in place like than, and the repeated weight of grown adults has torqued it miserably. It's really upsetting. Aaron thinks it can be fixed, but we'll see.

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