Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Melting!

So I posted yesterday about how I received an email from Dick that morning while I was at Aaron’s shop. I had never communicated with him before.

He had just returned from New Zealand, and wrote:

“… this is quite weird, when we returned our rental car to the depot just beside the Auckland airport, I was chatting with the driver of our shuttle van about things vintage, and he said, "Have you got five minutes?" We did, so he basically drove us across the street from the depot (about 2 minutes from the airport) to a large vacant parcel of land with a few dilapidated buildings on it. We climbed a fence and walked through the tall grass and there were dozens of old wrecks hidden among the bushes, trees and grass and among them was a van like yours, which I took a photo of. I have not sorted out my photos yet, but I could send it to you if you like when I get organized.” I haven’t received it yet. In any event...

Well, I then went home and found the location he talked about on Google maps, and made the previous post. Then I’m lying in bed. It’s about 2AM and I hear the phone let out a ”bong” and I think, “That’s an unusual time to get an email. I guess Israel just bombed Iran!” I checked the phone and it was an email from Roly. Guess what? The van in question is the one “unearthed” by Grant Staveley and reported on Roly’s site ( a couple years back. Here’s the photo! It looks like it came from the swamp where Luke found Yoda. Well, the search continues. But how about us? I mean, we're more wired than the CIA.

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