Sunday, February 26, 2012

Neat, Seat and Treats -- Just Another Sunday!

 Well, did anyone see the van that went on UK eBay for $15,000-plus? My god, that's a lot for a project van. Makes my $500 seem like good value.

This morning I received an email from Dick Parkes from Kamlopps BC (he's restoring a 1952 Austin Sheerline ambulance). Dick recently returned from a trip to New Zeland where he got a solid lead on a J Van somewhere in the field shown in the photos above. I'll try and get details. I need pockets doors and a seat, and New Zealand is close enough.

Below is my van as it looked this morning. Notice the spot welds of the front? Though original they're destined to go when the bodywork happens. Aaron assembled the van and made the shop all spiffy for the Old English Car Club ("OECC"), which was scheduled to attend on its monthly outing. He even laid on a table of cookies, coffee and soft drinks. Well, they never showed. I still don't know what happened. The best guess is that they had to push each other to the event.

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