Saturday, March 24, 2012

Almost Famous!

On February 26 a fellow named Alyn Edwards came out and looked at the van. I had contacted him months earlier explaining that I had no success learning the original livery of my van; that paint was nearing, and I wanted to faithfully replicate the van’s history if I could.

Alyn writes a weekly column in the Vancouver Sun, the city’s oldest newspaper, and the one I used to deliver around 1980. It features stories about local collector cars and the people who like them. Alyn knows the subject. He has a “few” rides himself.

In any event, Alyn offered to write about the van and see if any readers could shed some light on its past. Well, the story came out yesterday, and its pretty darn good, although the photo of me “blocking” the van is regrettable.

In addition to the Vancouver Sun, it’ll be in the Victoria News and Old Auto Magazine. Hopefully someone will have something. I often think wouldn’t it be cool if the van was once the property of an iconic local company. Rogers Sugar, Eaton’s, Woodwards, Cates Tugs, Canadian Pacific – that would be cool.


john said...

Well done Charlie
Looks terriffic write up
We hope you get some good leads

Bugly said...

Great write-up Charlie ... hope you find a bit of Victoris'a history come to light!