Friday, March 16, 2012

Groovy Animation

Here’s a before and after transition effect photo. It’s very satisfying to watch. I did it at Most of the metal changes have been done in the last year at the shop, but the floor, engine cowl, new frame elements, rear light brackets, rear floor and risers, brake booster bracket were done by Austin Metal. The rocker-type panels, wheel arches, rear cross member and battery tray were done by Fairmile.
Below is an image from the McMaster-Carr website. When I started researching parts one of the most frustrating things was getting the right fasteners. Then one day I was phoned by a guy who responded to an email I sent. He was expecting an order for something like $20,000. Well, he pointed me here, and it’s just the most brilliant service. They don’t ship to Canada, but fortunate for me, I can drive across the border and pick up the packages.

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Tinworm said...

What an absolutely superb job you have made of it. I am very impressed.