Saturday, July 21, 2012

Engine Update

Yesterday I was having a nervous breakdown at work, so I did what anyone in the same circumstance would do: I jumped in the car and drove away. Then I wound up at the AMS shop to see how my engine was progressing. Not much progress, but I was able to see there the head gasket had blown (under the previous owner). It wasn’t too bad. In the first and third photo above you can see it. It’s that area of darkness. I bought a new gasket kit months ago. The engine block will be the same colour as the valve colour above. It’s the same colour of machine equipment. I call it Machine Green. I have a “MORRIS” badge that will lay on top of the Nissan embossing (that’s why there are holes in the valve cover). It’ll look awesome. Finally, speaking of awesome, I have a set. Well, I have one ear-marked for me, but it’s in Australia. That’s it above. It’ll need some work to look like Kim’s above (the nice one), but it’ll be just the same when done. I’m just short a couple pieces now, and then I’ll be on my way.

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