Sunday, July 8, 2012

Humber Meet OBL;OBL Meet Humber

Every Sunday the routine here is pretty standard. The family goes out for breakfast, and that’s what we did this morning. We went to a nearby restaurant and, as we pulled in, I saw a 1947 Mulliner Sedanca Deville Humber. Only five of these bad boys were made, and two went to King George VI and the Queen. The latter used one in the 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth to some Greek fellow. I’ve seen that one before. In fact it is owned by Steve H (who originally owned Duncan and who sold it to Steve D almost 4 years ago). But he lives on Vancouver Island! Well, I went into the restaurant and Steve H was sitting right there. He was in town for a car show.
Afterwards, I thought about a photo that I asked Roly to send me last month that shows OBL in the Diamond Jubilee livery. Many readers here will be familiar with it, but a few won't. So here it is!
At the time Victoria was brought to Canada in 1950, the country was culturally aligned with the UK. Many people had family there, for example. But that has changed in the interval – the country is less Anglo-centric, but still, the monarchy is probably one of the most popular institutions. Okay, not Quebec. But I don't count people who are nostalgic for Loius XIV. New Canadians from China, Honduras, Vietnam – they love the Queen. They line up for hours with Corgis and flowers. I don’t really understand it myself, but I don’t disrespect Her Majesty. Dedicating your life to the indignities of an office that you never aspired to hold is something to be commended, I think.
In any event, back to the project. I’m in a holding pattern right now, looking for a few parts before continuing. I told Steve H about my dilemma this morning and he recommended fabricating them. Really? For the same cost I could buy another van in the UK, harvest the required parts, and throw the rest away (no, not thinking about that). John Brooksmith is coming over tomorrow for a BBQ, and we’ll head over to see Duncan at Steve’s house, I imagine. The engine is being worked on and I expect it’ll be done soon, but if it isn’t that’s okay. I'm working on the floor and the handbrake.

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Morris Man. said...

Nice interesting post. Both OBL (BL = Berkshire county registered) while CRD (RD = Reading a large town in Berkshire registered) so these were both registered within 15 miles of each other, just different years.