Sunday, December 2, 2012

Damn Straight

Okay, this is the second to last post before the end of the year. Filler continues to be applied and sanded away on the van. It’s a ridiculously tedious process, but it’s also an art form. I would say I don’t have a good eye for it, but eyes have nothing to do with it. It’s tactile. In the photos above, the surface looks like wood grain – little contour lines.

Honestly, looking at the original surface it looked good enough to me with the exception of a few places, but Aaron insisted there was a need for this effort. The result is appreciable. Everything is perfectly straight now, literally microns. The black and white "front-on photo" above was taken with my phone. I used it to compare what exists today with what existed almost exactly 4 years ago (in the colour photo). Pretty amazing change.

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john said...

This is going to be the best Van in the world when it is finished
Well done