Saturday, November 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

Okay, it’s that time of the year again.

There’s an auto parts store near my house that sells seasonal items. I go there a lot. Recently I did, and there they had a broad selection of Christmas decorations. There were a bunch of inflatable displays including a 30 foot tall Santa, and then there was this – a nativity scene. See Jesus? He looks really happy, but I guess that’s the way it is when you don’t know what fate intends for you. It’s a lot like restoring a vehicle I guess. Comparisons between Jesus and I end there!
Santa came earlier this year (in a very sharp 1937 Ford COE panel van) delivering a speedo cable from Thailand. The plan of attack right now is to take on all the plumbing and wiring issues. Once that’s done we’ll go back to paint and assembly.

Finally, Steve (owner on Duncan) is online, sort of. Steve bought a computer, and has a broadband connection, but he’s getting used to using it. I’m helping him. A blog is a little beyond him at the moment, but maybe I’ll get him to join the Yahoo! Group. So what’s the first thing Steve wanted to see online? His dad’s boyhood home (79 Mrytle Street, Hounslow, Middlesex), near the Blenheim Centre. Steve hasn’t been there.

During my first trip to London in 1998 I actually passed it on the tube track right at the back on Steve’s dad’s old house. The circumstance and events that cause people to be familiar with each other. Over the holidays that’s what I’ll be thinking about. Thanks to everyone for their support over the past year, especially those that were reading my first Christmastime post in 2008.


Bugly said...

All the best to you and yours Charlie!! Have a great festive season, and a prosperous 2014!!

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