Saturday, December 28, 2013

End of an Era, a Year, and Beer

Near my house, there’s a small shop tucked away in a light industrial area called “ABC” which stands for “All British Cars”. It was about two years into this project before someone tipped me off to its location. It’s been there (or another location) for 45 years.
In all that time its owner Ruth has carried the strain by herself. She knows everything about British cars. Alas, she sold it off last month to a long-time customer and his son. It’s being moved about 60 miles away, so I don’t imagine I’ll have much reason to visit it in the future.
Visiting ABC was always fun because it was a treasure hunt. The shop was huge and cluttered – okay, it looked like tornado debris. The replacement shocks I got for the van came from there; they’re NOS (stamped 1961). They came from a pile on the floor. Best wishes Ruthy -- you earned it.
Year end activities include working on passenger seats for the rear cargo area, getting the gauges all squared away, and stocking up of "value beverages" with visiting extended family.

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