Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick and Treat! Progress.

Halloween was last week, but tonight I was tricked and treated by Kustom-Eye-Kandy. After a long day at work I drove to the out to the outskirts of Vancouver in the rain and crappy traffic. It took me about 1.25 hours to get to Aaron's shop, where I was eager to drop off some more parts and see what he's done on the van. I knew that he had straightened the frame, but I didn't know what else he had done. When I got there, things were fully involved and farther along than I had expected. The cargo floor frame which I had constructed over the summer without reference to the van fit perfectly. Yeah! I dropped off the risers and the cargo tray and Aaron lamented that Iain's parts didn't fit properly. Ugh! I also dropped off every fastener required for the project. Aaron said that he required a few dimensions and, thanks to Mike's post earlier this year on the Yahoo! site, I think I may be able to assist. In the next couple days I'll (okay, my dad and his van) will be running some more parts out to Aaron's shop. It's exciting to see all the pieces come together.

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Bugly said...

Looks good, mate! You must feel real proud having taken Victoria this far! Aaron's workshop looks more like a surgery in the photos, probably a great reflection on his attention to detail during the re-birth!