Sunday, June 4, 2017

Major Setback

Since last week: front fenders and the radiator panel have gone on. Instruments found.

The colored pieces are coming together, but somehow after all the paint and polishing the front doors don’t fit right anymore. The leading edge rubber doesn’t touch the body on either side. The left side is really bad, it’s about 3/8 out and the right is about 1/8 out. I noticed it last week after reviewing a photo I had taken of the van, and I confirmed it this week when I examined the doors carefully (I closed them). In a finished product, this is a major setback.


Mike Bell said...

Great van and excellent choice of colours...well I would say that as it looks almost identical to my near complete van at ''

However it looks like you have done a much better job than me of finishing all the hidden parts.

I really hope you can get the doors sorted with out too much must be very frustrating!
Good luck.

Charlie said...

That is an amazing coincidence.